Clubs Guidelines relating to Juvenile players 2014-01-24 13:04:00

Please find below the clubs policy and guidelines relating to players playing primarily in their own age group. Please ensure that this policy is observed throughout our club. Please bring it to the attention of players, parents and mentors.

The Executive wishes to remind mentors and parents of the long-standing club policy which states that young players primarily play in their own age group.

This policy is aimed at player welfare, skills development, encouraging participation and improving player retention. It is unfair and is counter-productive in terms of player retention, if young players are sidelined while even younger players (who have their own age group to play in) regularly take their place.

The Club is experiencing on-going issues related to the participation of young juveniles in age groups other than their own. The national GAA policies emphasis, particularly at the youngest age groups, has now moved firmly towards participation, enjoyment and skills development for age groups up to Under 12, and the club policy of playing in your age group is aligned with this ambition.

For clarity of players, parents and mentors:

Players must have primary allegiance to and play first in their own age group.

Players may play up when available, only if agreed by both managers and if a player in the older age group is not regularly displaced as a result.

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