Bus Connects Project   09/10/2020

Bus Connects Project proposal

The proposed works for the new Bus Connects Project involve changes to the planted area between the N3 and Old Navan Road.

The local residents association is opposed to the changes and ask that you study their objection and support it if in agreement.

BusConnects Projects Corridor 5

The Bus Connects Project for the Old Navan Road proposes locating the new cycle and pedestrian lanes on the New Navan Road to run alongside the bus lane, to reduce the width of the planted verge between the Old and New Navan Roads and to remove trees and shrubbery along the same. This moves what is currently a safe access and egress from St Brigids GAA out onto a very busy thoroughfare. The local Residents Association have an online petition to maintain pedestrian and cycle access to the Club on the Old Navan Road and for no removal of any trees or shrubbery.

For further details and an opportunity to sign the petition, please visit:

St Brigids GAA Club,
Russell Park, Navan Road, Dublin 15