Updated Gym Guidelines   15/07/2020

Hi Folks, 

As we are all well aware the world is a different place compared to where it was 4 months ago. We all have to adapt in every industry and the fitness industry is no different. 

We have sat down with the committee and come up with a series of protocols below that we feel will allow the gym to operate in a safe and effective manner going forward, with a particular onus on the word Safe. 

There is particular emphasis on cleanliness but also it imperative that everyone books into their sessions. Firstly this allows us to keep a cap on the number of people using the gym and secondly it is legally required for contact tracing purposes, we need to know who is in the gym at all times. 

All protocols below are backed up by the club committee and if you have any issues with the below you can contact us on the below email address. 

Lastly, this is a new challenging time for us all, do both ourselves and the club would like everyone where possible to show patience with the new system because after all the prevention of another Covid Lockdown is vital, nobody wants that so please let’s all play our part in ensuring that doesn’t happen.

Gym management  - Members Q&A


All members entering the gym will have to abide by the protocols outlined below:


- All sessions have to be booked on the Glofox App (the facility name on Glofox you are now looking for is St Brigids GAA). This is absolutely compulsory, for contact tracing everybody needs to be registered for their sessions, in the same way you would sign a book going into a restaurant.


- If you require a FOB please email, fobs cost €5 and this must be paid before receiving your fob. All membership and gym queries to be emailed to the address above, we will not be accepting phone calls, texts etc. Everything concerning the gym must be via email. If you already have a fob and it needs to be reactivated please email us your fob number above and request it to be reactivated.


- Under no circumstances is the gym door to be propped open going forward. FOB access is compulsory.


- Compulsory use of hand sanitizer before entering the gym and sports halls.


- All members will need to bring in their OWN MAT and HAND TOWEL. The gym will not be providing mats in the near future.


- All players to bring their own sanitising wipes and/or use hand towels to clean down equipment. Disinfectant spray will be provided and left in the gym. You must clean down all equipment you use straight after you have finished with that item to allow others to use it straight away.


- The booking system will now allow us to identify those who leave the gym untidy by name, if the gym is left untidy then we will inspect the cameras and will terminate memberships of those people involved.


- There are strict time limits on sessions, you enter at the start of your session, not before and you leave at the end, no later.


- If you have any COVID symptoms whatsoever you are under no circumstances allowed to enter the gym or facilities for the recommended 14 day period.


- People will not be allowed to hang around the gym or corridors chatting afterwards, if they want to chat please do so in the car parks


- Where possible members are asked not to come in to the facility until the start time of their session. We do not want multiple people gathering outside entrances


- All sessions must start on time and finish on time, if members are late they will only train for the remaining time of their allocated time slot. Sessions can it run over the allocated time


- Showers and changing facilities are closed to everyone. Toilets will still be available, will be cleaned regularly but proper hygiene must be practiced, again the responsibility lies with each individual person. Hand washing and hand sanitiser is a must.


- If a member is disobeying health & safety protocols then staff can request that member leave the premises, membership will be removed.


- There is a max capacity of 6 members/players in the gym at any one time. If there is a situation where there are more than 6 players in the gym training together then all members in the gym at that time will have their membership terminated. It is the responsibility of every person to ensure health and safety is followed correctly to curb the spread of Covid-19 so if there are too many in the gym this is completely unacceptable.

Shane Lyons (

St Brigids GAA Club,
Russell Park, Navan Road, Dublin 15