Expenses Proceedure, St Brigids

All expenses for club purchases must be approved and signed off  before purchasing. 

Expenses guidelines are set out in the table below

Members who wish to claim permitted expenses please click on link Expense Claim Form St Brigids Template (R-02, Jan 2018).xlsx , fill in the form and email it to the following address -

Any non-vouched for expenses will not be reimbursed.


To apply for permission for expenditure that will be reimbursed

(other than referee fees as set out in the expenses form)

please click on link Request to Purchase Form, St Brigids (R-02, Jan 2018).xlsx. and follow the procedure outlined in the document.


 Amount / Items
Procedure for approval 
Approval Process for Spend
Approval Path 
Payment of expense
Referee Expenses
Not Required
Section Head / Chairperson of relevant  Section
Complete Club Expense claim form – see notes on form
Club Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer


General Expenses up to €250
Treasurer / Club Chairperson / Vice Chair in CP absence
Complete Club Expense claim form – See notes on form
Proposed approval flow:
Treasurer & / Or Club Chairperson
Club Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer


All Expenses between €251-€2000
Chairperson & Treasurer / Vice Chair in CP absence
Email full details of additional cost to Chairperson /Treasurer
Complete Club Request to Purchase form
Proposed approval flow: Club Chairperson /   Treasurer & Club Executive
Issued by Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer


All Expenses in excess of €2000
Finance Committee review & Approval
Email full details to Chairperson / Treasurer
3 or more quotation’s  (required for purchase,  repair of equipment (where practical) ) across Club Facility including Bar – complete club Request to Purchase form following review of quotes
Proposed approval flow:
Club Chairperson / Treasurer & Club Executive
Issued by Treasurer.
No costs can be incurred by any Club Member or representative – in the Club’s name -  without the procedure outlined in this document being followed.
The Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer will not issue payment pay for any costs claimed unless the above procedure is followed in full.
In the event of emergency repairs the Chairperson & Treasurer can approve the spend and must follow up with a detailed report to the Finance Committee and Club Executive.
In the absence of the Chairperson the Vice Chair can assume the approval role
Note:  the amounts above refer to the full payment of a product or service, therefore when claiming an expense or looking for approval, you must state the full cost with quotation backup – except for Referee’s expenses which should be accompanied by League Table / Blitz Programme of Games

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